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How to Choose

When choosing a memorial, finding the best combination of style and granite color to create a price that matches your budget and still gives you the best value for your money is the most important thing you can do. Design work is included in our pricing and, although it must be considered when you are choosing a style and color, it will have less of an effect on the price than the size of the memorial or the color of the granite.

Our sales people know that durability of both the granite and the design are what creates the value that we all look for. They are trained to help you with the delicate balancing act of matching these qualities to the price you can afford. Granite color can have a significant effect on the price of a memorial. Granite prices are affected by availability, demand and quality. Imported granites and exotic colors can cost more due to shipping costs and lack of availability. Higher quality granite can also cost more.

The best measure of quality in granite is density. The denser a granite is the less moisture it absorbs. In our Colorado climate, moisture absorption creates decay. Moisture in the granite's pores expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws. This action separates one crystal from another and slowly breaks apart the surfaces of the stone. Combined with erosion are how the mountains are worn down over time but the denser or harder the material you start with, the longer it takes for this process to happen. This affects the price of granite in that, the harder it is, the longer it takes to quarry, cut and polish. Inscribing and carving design work also takes longer and the overwhelming contributing factor in the price of granite is the labor it takes to produce it, as the material itself is virtually free.

At Norman's Memorials we guarantee all of our monuments to be correct and free of defects when they are set. Additionally, if anything we set ever settles or becomes loose, we will relevel or reset it free of charge. There are only a small number of granites that are guaranteed against cracking, pitting or discolorations once they are set in the cemetery. Rock of Ages carries such a warranty on an extensive line of granites and we are the only authorized Rock of Ages dealer in Colorado. For more information on Rock of Ages' warranty please click in the link provided- Rock of Ages warranty.